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RFT Plot/Database Provides interactive gradient information and is designed to handle multicriteria data, eg multi-well, multi-reservoir, multi-fault block, etc. Criteria are user nominated. The software is used at well sites where immediate and continuous interpretation of depth/pressure data are required, and in fields and basins where the pressure data from multiple wells/reservoirs are required to be plotted, analysed and compared. Data are colour coded and readily selected from the database. Import form a spreadsheet can be automated, and all data and results are easily exported. A "report ready" print is produced. Routines are available to plot known gradients and calculate gradients from fluid properties. More... Yes
Checkshot Plot Plots time/depth data and integrates formation information. Log traces are imported and a synthetic trace can be generated and printed or exported. A multiwell capability exists to compare checkshot data from multiple wells. The checkshot data can be interrogated to determine depth from a given time and vice versa. Data are readily imported from a spreadsheet source, or can be typed in. More... Coming soon.....
Digitiser Use calibration points to digitise map elements for export into other mapping applications More... Freeware